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Manufacturing winter, corporate restructuring hot chase big data

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In September 17th, a seminar on industrial 4 and China made in Chaoyang District, held in Beijing. The venue is full of Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui and other provinces to learn from the enterprise.
Hebei, the head of a steel company spent 3900 yuan to buy a row of the last second seats. He told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, came to the purpose of the meeting is that enterprises must be transformed, but do not know how to turn, come to learn".
Many people regarded as one of the three major industrial technology, one of the big industrial data in the meeting was frequently mentioned in the 4. In the field of business, these discussions, many in the theoretical stage. Air on the big data, and the winter of the manufacturing industry, how to combine to restore the decline?
In fact, from product production, business operations, logistics and transport to precision marketing, big data seems to be able to participate in all aspects. And changes in the development of manufacturing. In the process of the transition of risk and opportunity, manufacturing enterprises will encounter many difficulties and obstacles.
How to successfully complete this new era of industrial revolution? Manufacturing + big data, everything has just begun.
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