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Dongguan pushing machine substitutions special funds to subsidize Enterprises

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Machine substitutions: pushing the city more than half the size of the enterprise technical transformation
The meeting examined and adopted the "promote the enterprise machine substitutions in Dongguan action plan (2014 - 2016)" (hereinafter referred to as "machine replaced" three year action plan), proposed in 2016 for the completion of the Dongguan traditional industry machine substitutions application project 1000 - 1500, and strive to promote the city's more than half of the above scale industrial enterprises to carry out technological transformation projects, labor productivity of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size from 2013 80 thousand yuan / person increased to 110 thousand yuan / person, the city's industrial investment in equipment investment accounted for the proportion of industrial investment reached 60%, to promote the transformation of labor-intensive enterprises to technology intensive enterprises.
By 2020, strive to most of the city's Industrial Enterprises above the scale of application of industrial robot intelligent equipment, has become the province and the national competitiveness and influence of industrial robots intelligent equipment production and application demonstration city, the realization of "Dongguan manufacturing" to "Dongguan made" upgrade.
The meeting proposed that the city will set up the machine substitutions special funds, and the introduction of implementation measures in the near future, and vigorously promote the machine substitutions application and key demonstration; in the "machine substitution project in the pilot implementation of" credit linkage dial support plan ", take the" first, after the government approved bank loans and funding "the form of support.
Build 2 - 3 industrial robots Industrial Park
The meeting also approved the "opinions" on accelerating the implementation of the promotion of industrial robot intelligent equipment industry development, put forward in 2016 and strive to the city's industrial robots intelligent equipment industry output value reached 35 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of about 20%; for the industrial robot industry achieved an average annual growth rate of 30%.
By 2020, the city's industrial robot intelligent equipment industry and strive to achieve output value doubled, reaching 70 billion yuan, formed a relatively complete industrial system of industrial robots intelligent equipment, build 2 - 3 industrial robot industrial park and 6 - 8 intelligent equipment industry cluster, has become the province and the national competitiveness and influence of the industrial robot industry base and intelligent manufacturing demonstration city.
The machine substitutions required, from fast, focusing on the effect of
Yuan Baocheng pointed out that in the face of increasingly fierce competition, industry labor, various departments to machine substitutions look far, want to get a deep, deep understanding of machine substitutions, upgrade the city competition of the city's industrial transformation and the significance and strategic significance.
He asked that the machine substitutions must adhere to truth-seeking, quick, focusing on the effect of supporting details as soon as possible, efforts to persevere. To unswervingly go down, adhere to a long time to work, I believe that after several years of efforts, machine substitutions will receive new results.
Machine substitutions and the development of intelligent industry bundled
According to the policy, to support the upcoming Yuan Baocheng stressed that to seriously study and put the focus on support funds and links, to support funds up to the assessment and approval process, adhere to fill, fill, fill out the quasi effect.
More than 90% companies said: two years to promote the machine substitutions"
According to a sample survey conducted by the relevant departments of the city, nearly 5 years, Dongguan has invested funds to carry out the work of the machine substitutions, the number of companies said the next 2 years will continue to increase investment or ready to carry out the work of the company in.
Have carried out machine substitutions of the enterprise, has 49% production staff to save more than 10%, 20% of the production staff to save more than 30%, enterprises generally reflect through the machine substitutions to enhance capacity, reduce the cost and enhance the competitiveness of the effect.

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