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Future demand for service robots

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As the world's largest manufacturer of robots, ABB company has installed 250 thousand robots around the world, the market is also more experienced. The company executives recently accepted the first financial daily interview, said that the Chinese market, the field of industrial robots will continue to maintain growth, while future demand may be biased towards service robots.
Service robot
For the manufacturing industry, since 2015 the most heavy policy is "China manufacturing 2025" programme of action, which mentioned that China should vigorously promote key breakthroughs in the field of development, the aim of the new generation information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, bio medicine, and promote the rapid development of the advantages and strategy of industrial robot. Around the automobile, machinery, electronics, dangerous goods manufacturing, defense industry, chemical industry, light industry and other industrial robots, robots, and medical and health services, family services, education and entertainment service robot applications.
ABB discrete automation and motion division global head day grace to the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said that the robot market is mainly divided into two categories, one is the industrial robot, mainly in the production and assembly application; the other is the use of service robots, medical, logistics industry, waste treatment etc.. The medical profession, both to help with the operation of the robot, but also to help the elderly or the needs of the disabled. From the function and value of view, similar to industrial robots. For example, the logistics industry, pick up the work and industrial robots are similar." He said.
He also said that in the field of environmental protection, service robots will show their skills. In the long run, people are not willing to do things (such as waste disposal in the field of environmental protection, etc.) can play a greater role by the robot, "in this regard, we are also closely watching".
He also said that the logistics industry, the demand for service robots is also a lot, we will have some of the appropriate technology and programs, such as airport baggage handling".
Recently, Alibaba, Foxconn and Softbank's robotic company Aldebaran an injection of $more than 100 million, pushing its flagship product, the emotional care robot Pepper sales; at the same time, Softbank also announced a $20 million investment to support start-up robotic company Fetch storage continues to grow, the capital market is willing to buy it visible on the service robot.
According to the forecast of Zhejiang securities, the future of the global service robot market size is expected to remain more than 14% compound growth rate, the domestic market will be driven by policy support, the effect of the killer product demonstration and capital factors, growth prospects for a broader.
Different from the industrial robot, the biggest feature of the service robot is intelligence, including perception, movement and thinking, and the ability to solve the problem is the core technical barriers of the service robot. This type of robot relates to two aspects, one is the use of speech synthesis, speech recognition, natural language understanding, independent cloud computing infrastructure technology and multi-dimensional characteristics of sentiment analysis technology, to effectively identify; the second is to intelligent big data and cloud services to support development of intelligent voice service based support and interactive platform.
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